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Jerusalem Hug

Tijd: Juli 3 2011 vanaf 15.00 to 22.30
Locatie: Along the walls of the old city of Jerusalem
Plaats: Jerusalem
Website of map: http://www.jerusalemhug.org
Telefoon: 0031646608660
Soort evenement: peace, event
Georganiseerd door: Rob Schrama
Meest recente activiteit: 22 Mei 2011

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The next Jerusalem Hug will be on Sunday, July 3rd 2011

The Jerusalem Hug takes place every year since 2007. These events were joined by more than 5.000 participants; residents of Jerusalem, Palestinians and Israelis, as well as peace activists from all over the world. We embraced the Old City of Jerusalem, walking hand in hand around the city walls. We stood shoulder to shoulder, sharing our wish for peace and our love for Jerusalem.  

The aim is to promote a peaceful experience; a foretaste of freedom and joy to all people. The Jerusalem Hug focuses on love, respect and unity. With this attitude, the participants spread out around the walls of the Old City holding hands, singing and praying for peace and respect for all humankind.

The Jerusalem Hug is a symbol for another way to achieve peace. From our point of view, the only way is through our hearts. When we find peace in ourselves and when we are able to forgive, world peace comes closer. This kind of change can only come from within one’s own heart.

The Jerusalem Hug gives expression to this wish for change. Jerusalem stands as a symbol for peace and forgiveness in the world. Let Jerusalem, the heart of the world, be a city of connection where unity and peace is a fact.

Jerusalem Hug 2011
On Sunday, July 3rd 2011,  the Jerusalem Hug will take place for the fifth time. Around the city  and at various gates, groups of people will experience and express what peace is. The audience will be accompanied by musicians, singers, dancers, artists and healers coming from many places around the world. Spiritual leaders will hold hands together with local residents of Jerusalem, forming a human chain around the walls of the Old City. 
Family Picnic
This year the Jerusalem Hug will start at 3pm  with a family picnic on the lawn of Hutzot Hayotzer, down below Jaffa Gate. Families are welcome to join the celebration. There will be music, performances and children’s activities.  At 6pm  we will go to Jaffa Gate and spread along the walls of the Old City, into the direction of Damascus Gate. 

Healing and Hugging
During the Jerusalem Hug the participants will become conversant with all kind of healing methods to open their hearts for their fellow human beings. We will sing together and hug together and we will receive Oneness Deekshas and Blessings from healers from  all over the world. Jeannette Albers, who walked all the way to Jerusalem from Amsterdam, will lead this Oneness Deeksha and Blessing and will, as the  Angel of Amsterdam, connect the participants with their heart through her Blessing.
Drumming for Peace
Drumming together is a recurring activity at every Jerusalem Hug, connecting the different population groups. During the event Palestinian and Israeli drummers from Jerusalem will play together. The drumming circle will be led and organized by Eyal Davidoff of the King David Peace Drummers Army Organization. Eyal has years of experience uniting opposing forces in Israel and global.

Through the rhythm of the drums, movement is aroused in us. We let go, we open ourselves, and we forget our differences. In the rhythm we are all equal. Rhythm is of all races and of all people, and drumming together emphasizes that we all come from one source. The drumming circle at  8 pm Tzahal square,  is the 'Grand Finale' of the Jerusalem Hug.




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