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Silent Ascension

Tijd: Maart 28 2013 van 12.00 tot April 1 2013 bij 12.00
Locatie: Normandia
Website of map: http://www.lovethemessenger.nl
Soort evenement: a, silent, retreat., golden, silence, +, the, alignment, =, ascension
Georganiseerd door: Tuaca Kelly & Marieke van den Dool
Meest recente activiteit: 5 Okt 2012

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Omschrijving evenement

Marieke van den Dool and Tuaca Kelly invite you to experience Silent Ascension - a multidimensional silent retreat to find your inner voice and use it to communicate with others through the fields of awareness we call: No In-between. These realms of consciousness and connection will be deeply explored during our group meditation gatherings.

"My first silent retreat was an unforgettable experience. By being present with myself and others within the silence, our human skills to speak with mind and energy quickly revived. Funny enough, this 'language' gives no ground for confusion. What remained: an outburst of love for every one and the whole world. Without the noise of speaking and need for compensation or 'filling' something, also distractive thoughts disappeared, and my perception towards more subtle impressions enhanced big time. My own inner world became clear and spacious. When we could speak again, we just sat there in silence." - Marieke

During the retreat there is also freedom and encouragement to breathe and move fully. Explore the Retreat Centre; nestle by the community fireplace with a journal, sketchbook or friend, make a contemplative walk around the lake, dance barefoot in the garden and grow your appetite for fresh homemade organic vegetarian/vegan meals. 

In addition to our group meditation gatherings, each day will culminate in The Alignment – an experiential multidimensional group-healing event designed to assist in realizing your full dynamic potential and connects you with your divine awareness. During The Alignment, there will also be opportunities to receive direct one-to-one transmissions.



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