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Workshop: Unlock the Sacred Feminine, if not now... when?

Gegevens evenement

Workshop: Unlock the Sacred Feminine, if not  now... when?

Tijd: Januari 11 2014 van 10.00 tot Januari 12 2014 bij 16.30
Locatie: Glastonbury, SunnyBank, UK
Soort evenement: workshop
Georganiseerd door: Karin Schluter Lonegren
Meest recente activiteit: 20 Jan 2014

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Omschrijving evenement

In this workshop we endeavor to see and feel and experience long-hidden parts of ourselves. What those will be we can know by unveiling our intuition, our inner voice, and after having walked the soulful labyrinth, we can come closer to who we truly are. Reconnecting with those parts is healing and takes our innate wisdom from the inside to the outside.

Day one: Are you ready to Unlock the Sacred Feminine in you? Are you ready to truly listen to your body, your soul and spirit? Are you ready to acknowledge how magic it is to listen to your intuitive voice (the voice of the Sacred Feminine) and to work with your day and night dreams? It is so exciting to know that more and more post-menopausal women are getting ready for that last phase in life, to live the life they want and to show the world who they truly are.  Hop on the wagon, go with your flow, embark on your deep journey! If not now, when?

Day two: The Soulful Labyrinth The second day of the workshop is about touching on your own soul, and taking the Sacred Self/Sacred Feminine into your daily life. Learn to walk the labyrinth with your fingers on a finger-labyrinth and walk the earth-labyrinth with your feet, dancing your own seven-layered dance. Walking in and out, and with every turn and on every path you come closer to your Self in a safe and contained way. We talk about what to expect before we walk the labyrinth, and we share our experiences (if you want to) at the end of this day.

Venue:            SunnyBank, 9 Bove Town and the labyrinth on the High Street, St. Johns Church
Facilitators: Kimberly (Lowelle) Saward PhD and Karin Schluter (Lonegren).
Lunch:            bring your own. Tea, coffee and cookies are provided for.
Price:              £149 for the two day workshop. To ensure your place pay (fully refundable) £30 before 22 December 2014.



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