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Leony Vandebelt is lid geworden van de groep van Theo Buijsrogge


Mensen in deze groep verzorgen trainingen, workshops en/of interactieve lezingen.
5 Sept 2014
Leony Vandebelt is lid geworden van de groep van Theo Buijsrogge


Mensen in deze groep doen aan coaching en/of counselling
5 Sept 2014
Leony Vandebelt is lid geworden van de groep van Theo Buijsrogge

Netwerkbijeenkomst Spiritueel Ondernemers Netwerk

Groep met deelnemers van de netwerkbijeenkomsten om na te praten en informatie uit te wisselen
5 Sept 2014
Leony Vandebelt is nu lid van Spiritueel Ondernemers Netwerk
5 Sept 2014


Met welke talenten wil je anderen van dienst zijn?
Soul Inspired Business Managment
Conscious Creation & Manifesting
Self-love & Self-care for entrepreneurs
Attracting your favorite clients in the world
Having a business with fun, freedom and be wildly succesful
Wat is je website?
extra website
Wat betekent spiritualiteit voor jou?
Verantwoordelijkheid nemen voor mijn eigen werkelijkheid en creaties, leven met passie en liefde en lekker alles op mijn eigen manier doen :-)
Speels, vrij, avontuurlijk en met twee voetjes op de grond.
Hoe is dat inzicht gegroeid en wie/wat speelde daarbij een bijzondere rol?
When I was 18 years old I started reading about conscious creation and other metaphysical subjects. I've had a very challenging life and was close to dying one night, when I deeply felt I had a choice: leave now, or finally make some sense out of this world.

I chose the second. I started studying psychology and hoped that would help. Most of it didn't feel right to me though, and I dropped out after a few years. I kept reading and took all kinds of energy classes, healing modalities and went to many Lightworker and other metaphysical seminars. Some things sounded a little 'woowoo' to me in the beginning, but I never forget the feeling of HOME I got, when I first realized I wasn't the only weird alien on this planet.

Being an entrepreneur

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and had my own little flower business when I was 7. Being an entrepreneur feels natural to me. Also, I literally get sick if I am in a regular j-o-b, or any other self-limiting structure for that matter. This used to be incredibly frustrating for me and I wondered why the 'normal' things seemed to work for everybody else but me. But I think it helped me to not hide in some 'whatever' job and kept directing me to doing my own thing.

I started my own practice in Energy Therapy when I was 23. I discovered my super powers for reading energy, and quite accidentally, that I could communicate with other people's higher selves, or souls. This slowly transformed my 'energy sessions' into readings and coaching sessions.

During my university years I also had a side-job teaching dance, and at one point I was dancing so much that all my energy went into it and I started my own dance school.

How I became one of the best-paid dance teachers

This dance school became my playground for conscious creation in business. I developed a unique concept for wedding couples who wanted an original, personal choreography for their first dance.
I learned how to use my manifesting talent in business and how to combine it with authentic marketing.

I played and experimented with what I wanted to create: what kind of people, what music, which dance, what to charge, how many couples... I was amazed by the results. It seemed that I only had to make a clear choice and my preferred couples would show up, sometimes even from the other side of the country. It felt like magic.

Soon I was one of the best-paid dance teachers. I usually had a waiting-list and people would drive up to 2 hours one-way to have classes with me. I only worked when I wanted to, where I wanted to and with the people that I loved.

And then after a while, I got bored with it all. Besides, I always felt I was here to do something else.

How Soul Inspired Business was born

Freedom has always been the biggest theme in my life. I like to do things my way, make my own choices, go on adventures and follow my own path. To me a big part of freedom is in having a very strong connection with my soul and intuition. It makes everything in life easier. It's where my biggest passion and joy comes from and helps me make decisions in life and in my business.

In the past years I noticed that more and more of my conversations with friends and family were about their businesses or business plans. And how incredibly excited I get when someone quits trying to fit in the common structures and start following their dreams.

So, I decided that I would do what excites me most. Combine my talents for energy reading and manifesting with my knowledge and experience about business and marketing. Play with like-minded spirits, express myself, have fun and help others who are ready, to be Free and Create Soul Inspired Businesses and Lives that they Love.
Wat doe je met spiritualiteit in je werk?
Ik luister in alles naar mijn gevoel en intuïtie, ik kijk naar het mooie in mensen en ik maak bewust gebruik van 'conscious creation / manifesting om te creëren wat ik wil
Mijn advies aan anderen (één kernachtige zin/quote)
What makes you come alive?


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