On 101010 in every country at 10 AM in every time zone (starting in New Zealand), all people who are aware of interconnectedness and who are committed to translate that awareness into action are invited to practice interconnectedness as much as possible throughout that day.
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  • Hallo Leo,
    Ik heb mij inmiddels al via een andere site aangemeld voor deze dag. Ik woon de bijeenkomst bij in Doorn. Karin van der lee, een vriendin van mij, houdt daar een lezing over transformatie van het onderwijs.
  • As you may know, the Interconnectedness Foundation is a Dutch legal entity since 14th of April 2010. This means it is time to take the next step for more visibility in the world.

    Since at least some of you are acting as ambassadors for 10.10.10, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 I would like to invite you to let the world know why you support it.

    If you want, please send me your jpg photograph (max size 170 / 200 pix) with a short statement in English (100 words max) why you support the World Day of Interconnectedness Initiative / Interconnectedness Foundation. Upon receipt I will publish your info on http://www.interconnectedness101010.org/InterconnectednessFoundatio... You can find Karin Sorbi as example.

    For an overview of what happened during the latest 10.10.10 gathering on 21st April please see: http://interconnectedness.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-happened-on-...

    Should you have any further questions, feedback or concise information to be published on the site about something you will offer on Sunday 10.10.10, please let me know.

    With love and gratitude,
    Leo Sonneveld
  • New Video invitations for 10.10.10

    Did you already see the new video invitations for:

    1) Intention meditation: http://www.interconnectedness101010.org/IntentionMeditation.htm

    2) All bells are ringing (a must see for all religeous and secular leaders) http://www.interconnectedness101010.org/Videoallbellsareringing.htm

    3) Give a Smile: http://www.interconnectedness101010.org/VideoThepowerofasmile.htm

    Enjoy, forward and have a wonderful Easter :o)
  • Link to summary of what happened on interconnectedness meeting on 19 March

    For your information a link to the summary of what happened on interconnectedness meeting on 19 March:

    Next meeting: 23 April 10 AM Seats2Meet Utrecht
    For registration: http://interconnectedness.ning.com/events/interconnectedness-meeting-1

    Hope to see you there!
  • Bericht overgenomen van www.interconnectedness.ning.com:

    On 4 December Dutch team members enjoyed an interconnectedness meeting.

    Some highlights:
    •Getting to know each other's relationship with interconnectedness and passions
    •What all of us did on 9 September and the process leading to all of that
    •Discussing the draft mindmap that Leo created to move forward
    •One of the tangible results after 090909 is that ‘interconnectedness’ is on the agenda. When you google the words ‘interconnectedness day’ you get 404.000 results. 2 years ago there were 0 results
    •Invitations to participate or contribute on business card size for 101010 are available
    •We have been authorized to use and build upon the interactive website of ‘dagvandeduurzaamheid’ http://www.dagvandeduurzaamheid.nu/ which allows for entering events online. We need to finance amendments ourselves. Alternatives will be considered as well.
    •Guided dance in order to connect in gratitude with all people who had joined and supported 090909 but were unable to be present today and experience and express interconnectedness

    Some developments:
    •All contributors of events on 9 September are kindly invited to do the same, a similar or a new activity
    •Internationally quite some groups have gathered with bold plans. For example Leader Café Foundation (LCF) in UK and Differencemakers Community in Australia are joining forces to organize a big event starting in Australia, then moving to Dubai etc.
    •Asian Sound Radio UK / Middle East has committed to being part of the LCF team and plays with the idea to pay attention to the world day of interconnectedness daily at 10.10 (am and/or pm)
    •NewOptimalWorld is planning synchronized events / publicity towards 101010, 111111 and 121212
    •Another example is a series of activities and events currently being designed by www.weforest.com
    •The coming months Veronique Kilian plans to offer a series of 10 workshops ‘from Illness to Wellness’ promoting 101010
    •Nikos Akrivos has organized and continues to organize interconnect dance events in Netherlands and Belgium and is planning for other countries
    •Rob van Tilburg is planning to organize an event in ‘het huis voor zingeving’
    •Prema Devi Ishaya plans to give a lecture 'Inner Peace in a Hectic life'
    •Requests have been made for new versions of 090909 video’s (to include 101010)

    The idea to move forward is that every year we will reach a new, higher amount of people participating in a wider variety of activities in a larger number of countries. In addition to getting the message across by talking passionately about the World Day of Interconnectedness and inviting people to join, this requires a next level of professionalism and robustness, especially for the electronic environment. Although we have miraculously managed to initiate and organize the first World Day of Interconnectedness without financial means, the next level will require financial investments. In order to enable organizations to donate these funds, the ‘interconnectedness foundation’ will be created. Examples of regulations are being investigated and we are in the process of selecting a notary. We are also designing a ‘profit for all’ business model ‘that works for all life’.
    This allows for creating ‘the place to be’ on the web, the (I)phone and in the world on the subject of interconnectedness.

    Next meetings in the Netherlands are scheduled for 22 January 2010, 19-2; 19-3; 23-4; 21-5; 18-6; 23-7;20-8; 17-9; 1-10; 10-10????

    Between all of these dates, please connect with each other on this community for electronic interaction and inspiration.

    Please do let me know your plans for activities and events in order to publish them on the website for inspiration to others.

    Should you have any questions or remarks, please to not hesitate to contact me.

    With love and gratitude,
  • Ik woon bij......weet nog niet hoe en waar.
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