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Great sages such as Buddha, Jesus, Shakespeare, Goethe and Simeona have shared simple but profound insights about the nature of Self. A common insight that they shared was that in the beginning less beginning was the void (Buddha), purity (Jesus), blank (Shakespeare), silence (Goethe), Zero.Another common insight shared was that the Infinite dwelled in Zero and Zero in the Infinite Given these two insights, one can readily answer two perennial questions that humanity has since time immemorial: Who am I? What is the purpose for existence?The great sages I believe would answer the first question that each of us was created in the exact likeness of The Original Mind, a State of Infinite Zero. Given this, each of us is a perfect being.If each of us is perfect, why do we suffer? The answer to this question answers the question of what is the purpose of existence? Simply, the purpose of existence is to give the Self the opportunity to liberate the suffering that it experiences and in doing so to liberate itself.Self I-dentity through Ho'oponopono (SITH) is a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation that ends suffering by having the Original Mind transform memories that replay suffering to void, to a pure heart, to blank, to silence, to Zero. Once the Self is memory free, it automatically becomes inspired, enlightened. In the State of Enlightenment, the Self fulfills the purpose for which it was created.'
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