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  • Please unite. KOMT ALLEN TEZAMEN! Op 23 januari is er een Europese betoging gepland in Brussel. Meer info: MARCH FOR FREEDOM For Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, UNITED WE STAND! Please CARPOOL Rijdt met elkaar mee of kom met het OV of op de motor, covoiturage svp MANIFESTATION EUROPÉEN pour la liberté à Bruxelles le 23 janvier 2022 ! + de 560 organizations de tout l'Europe! Ammenez vos enfants, neem je kinderen mee, bring your children please.
    #vreedzaam #liefde #vrede #freedom #manifestation #BRUXELLES #BRUSSELS #UNITED #EUROPE #marchforfreedom #brussel #betoging #demonstratie #protest #artsenvoorvrijheid #bloemenvoorvrijheid #hartvoorvrijheid #softrevolutionoflove
  • Protest in The Netherlands 5, 6 ,7th of January 2022. Will it spread to other countries?
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Illuminati & Illumicorp

What is al real of this 'Illuminati and Illumicorp'?Do somebody know more of this or are these just a bunch of jokers?I found many differend things on the internet and i don't know i can believe these things or not.I know there is a lot of things we don't know or we can't see but this ....

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Chronology of the Gospels – The Jesus Mystery

Amsterdam, January 3, 2011 – This second chapter from the blog “De Vero Anno – On the Nativity of Jesus Christ” has just been posted on the blog of the Willehalm Institute with the following introduction: This text is a translation by Robert Jan Kelder from the chapter “De Vero Anno – On the Nativity of Jesus Christ” from the third volume “Waking up Through Goethe” by the Swiss anthroposophist Werner Greub (1909-1997) of his trilogy “How The Grail Sites Were Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach and…

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International Social Transformation

Is the consciousness an action of the mind or from the spirit, that's the question.Expertisecentre Creascopie has the ambition to grow to an international centre. To reach this the centre will focus, near Personal and Business Spirituality ,on Social Spirituality. See therefore the Blogs from the centre on this network.At this blogs there is a lot of discussion material for international discussion. Also the centre is member of the COCD (Center of the Development of Creative Thinking) in…

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