Amsterdam, January 3, 2011 – This second chapter from the blog “De Vero Anno – On the Nativity of Jesus Christ” has just been posted on the blog of the Willehalm Institute with the following introduction:


This text is a translation by Robert Jan Kelder from the chapter “De Vero Anno – On the Nativity of Jesus Christ” from the third volume “Waking up Through Goethe” by the Swiss anthroposophist Werner Greub (1909-1997) of his trilogy “How The Grail Sites Were Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach and the Reality of the Grail”.

The translation of this third volume is an ongoing and online literary project in two languages: in Dutch this present text has already been posted from December 25, 2009 in 13 installments  on a blog of the Religion and Philosophy website of the national Christian orientated  newspaper Trouw in Amsterdam. The translation of this English text was inspired by a conversation with a visitor named Alan on the blog  TV Review BBC 1’s The Nativity Story from the site   from December 30, 2010 to January 1, 2011 (nr. 15-31).  This film “The Nativity Story” was also shown on the Dutch Evangelical Christian television network EO; in my online review of the Dutch book “The Secret of the Two Jesus Children – The Riddle of the Childhood of Jesus Revealed” (not available yet in English) by the Dutch pastor Hans Stolp, I referred to this film by noting that almost 100 years after the discovery by Rudolf Steiner of the birth of the two Jesus children, as portrayed in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, this result of spiritual scientific research called “The Fifth Gospel” has as yet made no inroad whatsoever in the media and therewith in the public domain a such.   


The subtitle “The Jesus Mystery” of this chapter “Chronology of the Gospels” is not in the original German version, but is taken from the text itself where it is mentioned by name once. The chapter itself is a thoroughly Swiss, almost painstaking, crypto-detailed and yet also spiritually inspiring criticism of the book “A New Chronology of the Gospels” by the English priest of the Christian Community Ormond Edwards, whom the author Werner Greub accuses of glossing over, misrepresenting and even undermining the ground-breaking discovery by Rudolf Steiner of the existence of the two Jesus children. It is recommended to first read the first chapter on this blog, which for readers unaccustomed with or unaware of the basic principles of anthroposophy, such as can be found (also online) in the fundamental works by Rudolf Steiner such as “Outline of Occult Science” and “Theosophy”, may still be a hard nut to crack. For the heated controversy that raged behind the scenes in the Goetheanum, Free School for Spiritual Science in Dornach, Switzerland that published the first volume of Greub’s Grail trilogy back in 1974, I refer to the introductions beginning with “How This Publication Came About” of my English translation. This throws some light why the second and third volumes of this trilogy were never, as originally planned, published by the Goetheanum, but only some thirty years later by Greub’s son Dr. Marcus Greub in Binningen, Switzerland (all three volumes are now available by Lochmann Verlag in Basel).


I hope to soon bring out a New Year’s perspective under the title “Do Good and Resist Evil” with the other ongoing Willehalm book projects such as a new proper book edition of volume 1 of this grail trilogy by Werner Greub and “9/11 – The Accusation” by Slobodan Mitric for which the Willehalm Foundation warmly welcomes any form of support.

On behalf of the Willehalm Foundation, I wish all potential readers of this New Year present a healthy and productive year. Suggestions for improvements as well as other feedback are also welcome. (RJK)


The chapter itself can be read here.

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  • For those interested: My online "chats" with the Alan resulted in my attempt to summarise what I believe to be "The Greatest Mystery Story on Earth - The Mystery of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ" based on the Fifth Gospel of Rudolf Steiner and the works of Werner Greub, already mentioned in my post above. Here is the link to the BBC Messageboard where it can be read. It may appear very academic and esoteric, but this changes when one can experience that the spiritual union between the two Jesus children is the prototype for all such unions between two human beings. The question then remains, can there be a more collective spiritual union such as in a group, as is implied e.g. in the name of this network, which is, or wants to be, as I underrstand it, not merely a network of spiritual entrepreneurs, but rather a spiritual network as such. I.e. the emphasis is on the network, not the entrepreneurs. hope to deal with this question in my review of the book "Business Spiritualiteit" by Paul de Blot SJ, who presented it in a seminar at Nijenrode Business Universiteit after a NOS meeting last December. 
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