International Social Transformation

Is the consciousness an action of the mind or from the spirit, that's the question.Expertisecentre Creascopie has the ambition to grow to an international centre. To reach this the centre will focus, near Personal and Business Spirituality ,on Social Spirituality. See therefore the Blogs from the centre on this network.At this blogs there is a lot of discussion material for international discussion. Also the centre is member of the COCD (Center of the Development of Creative Thinking) in Antwerpen (Belgium). They join a lot of international contacts over the last 10 years in Creative Thinking and Innovation and the Expertisecentre introduced the BrainCodemethod on one of these international events. Last year Expertisecentre Creascopie visited a mini-congres by the opening of the academic year of the university in Maastricht.Scientific researchers presented the results about cognitive-and neurological science and science of the brains and the consequences for the field of Education. The day-leader of the congres admitted Expertisecentre Creascopie formulated the key-question of that day : Is the consciousness an action of the mind or from the spirit and what makes the difference. The most scientific researchers came with conclusions still based on the 'action of the mind', still based on the old paradigm. The scientific vision from Expertisecentre Creascopie you can read on the website creascopica/The Concept. A nice discussion/statement to begin with :"The Art of Social Transformation begins with the creative action of the Spirit"

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