Net terug van mijn vakantie zie ik onderstaande mail van Inelia Benz over een experiment om je eigen vibratie te verhogen. Inelia is op aarde met als enige doel de vibratie van de aarde te verhogen. Zij deelt hele waardevolle informatie via haar website, daarom deel ik deze mail graag met jullie allen.
De website bij dit experiment:

Onderstaand haar mail.

Vreugde-licht-en-liefde groet,


Dear Theo

Do you want to play?


Everybody can read the forum for free (accessible via the Forum menu item) and carry out the experiment on their own, with friends. Full details on this website.

First Experiment in Consciousness Details

Exist as Joy/Light/Love for One Hour Per Day for 21 Days. Starting 8th of July 2013

Initiator: Inelia Benz


Experiment Development:

This experiment in consciousness is something that has been developing and growing for months now.

Many individuals have told me throughout my life, that being in the same room as me, while I meditate, or while I am being a voice for information and knowings, they feel a very real difference in the vibrational level of the room, their own bodies and energy fields become affected, and those who are sitting quite close, can feel a “sun burn” type feeling in their skin.

The only “difference” I could see, from my daily life, and the experience while in meditation and during talks, is that while in talks and meditation, I exist as joy/light/love, or Source energy. 

As someone who is highly skeptical, and likes to have reproducible results before I can use anything as a tool, I decided I wanted to test this out with a group of people.  Not just to test if “my presence” was indeed affecting them directly, but to see if any long lasting effects could be seen in their own lives if this was done for 21 days.

The reason 21 days were chosen, was because it takes 21 days to change a habit, remove a program, and create a new habit or program.

I discussed the idea with a few individuals and decided that I would go ahead and carry out an experiment.

The first idea was to have 21 people coming together in Sacramento for one hour per day, and simply meditate with me for that hour.

When I looked at this configuration, there were several things that were not resonant. One of them was that this had to be a global exercise so it could not be carried out in Sacramento. Another, and the most important, was that my being there, or testing if my presence had any effect on others was USELESS as an effective tool to raise the vibrational level of the planet.

For one thing, people spend time in ashrams and in the presence of high vibrational beings for years sometimes, and the majority go back to their previous condition a few weeks or months after they leave their source of high vibrational energy, which they thought was the other person (and maybe it was).

I sat with the idea for many days. I moved through several timelines to see what was happening, in real life, when this energy is generated near an individual.
It did not take me long to realize that the problem which is faced by those individuals who cannot continue living in a high vibrational level after they leave the person who is their main source, is because THEY NEVER LEARNED TO BE THAT HIGH VIBRATION THEMSELVES. It was an external stimuli.

Thus was born the second development of this experiment in consciousness.

The Experiment:

The real experiment, if we want to  try something empowering, is for every single person who partakes in this exercise, to EXIST, or have the intent to exist as joy/light/love for one hour per day for 21 days.

Sometimes we do need an external point of reference in order to map to it. And that external point of reference will be the the other 20 people (at least) that will be the core co-creators of the experiment. So basically, we will map to that group intent and field of joy/light/love until we tap into our own essence of this energy. Then maintain (or at least have the intent to maintain it) it for an hour per day.

My thought is that we gather 21 people, who then invite more people to join. Not randomly, but carefully thought out and filled with PURPOSE to have people at the core of the experiment who KNOW they will either exist as joy/light/love for one hour per day for 21 days, or at least KNOW that that is their full and impeccable intent. That they will let nothing get in the way of sitting down for one hour every day in silent contemplation, meditation or silence, and generate, from their own Core Center, their own building block of existence, the power and vibration that they truly are Pure Source Energy, which in human cannot be described, but can be hinted by the combination of words Joy/Light/Love (not taken individually as words or emotions, but as a whole, complete energy configuration).

Secondly, that this hour is spent by each person every day at the same time if possible, but a time chosen by them. Knowing that around the planet there will be at least 20 other people doing exactly the same thing that day.  Thus we create a constant energy field every single day around the planet, that the human collective can tap into.  The times might be different for each person taking part, but the intent to exist as joy/light/love for one hour each day is constant. If there is a group of people in any location that want to meet physically or virtually while doing this, then they can organize themselves to meet at a convenient time.

Each of the core co-creators will make a 5 to 10 minute video before they start the experiment, and a 5 to 10 minute video after they finish. Also, during the 21 days, they will create a 1-3 minute vlog of their day, and if they feel any differences in their lives at all as the 21 days progress.

These videos and vlogs will be uploaded by each person into their own youtube channel, to be shared privately with the rest of the group.  The recordings will at the end of the experiment be made available for a documentary which will explore the entire process, to see if we do manage to have an effect in our lives, our communities, our society and our species.

The first week of involvement in the coordination, once the first 21 people join the forum, will be a time when we can fine tune and work out any kinks that we see in the experiment

The aim when looking at the structure of the experiment, is to make sure that it is as simple and easy to do as possible. No mystery, no dependencies, no rituals. Simply the intent, and the carrying out of that intent using any methodologies that we want at a personal level. No one will be pushing their own method on anyone else as each person will be solely responsible to do what they feel necessary to achieve the daily purpose.

One thing to remember is that it is crucial not to have the intention to "exist within a field of joy/light/love", or "channel God's or Gaia's or Inelia's joy/light/love into my body" or, "infuse myself with joy/light/love", or "tap into the group's joy/light/love and hang out there for an hour", or "send joy/light/love to the world".  To be able to feel into the energy, and become it, we can do those things until we identify the energy and become it. The intent is very clear: TO EXIST AS JOY/LIGHT/LOVE FOR AN HOUR PER DAY FOR 21 DAYS. To simply exist as our core self, the core that is eternal and the building block of our existence before any programs, colors and other stuff was put on it.

If we think we cannot do it, exist as joy/light/love for an hour per day, this is normal. What is required is to have the INTENT to do so. And spend that daily hour in quietness, and in that intent.  It's possible that the result will be that after day 20 we finally manage it! Or not. That's why this is an experiment and not a given.


All news, coordination, and updates, will be carried out through the forum.


The Joy/Light/Love experiment forum will have three tiers of participation.

Core Tier will be the direct co-creators, those individuals who are prepared to carry this out for 21 days, record their before and after videos, and daily vlogs.

Once the initial 21 people are invited into this forum, they can in turn organically invite others who are willing to take the same level of responsibility for carrying out the experiment in their lives and do the video reports.  There is no maximum number and no external control to how this group evolves.  We will have one week for us to recruit those we feel would love to take part in a 100 percent fashion. This forum will be private to the co-creators, will be strictly used for that coordination, sharing of videos and vlogs and sharing our written thoughts. Unlike other forums and social network sites, the energy of the posts in the Core Tier Forum has to be kept extremely pure. In other words, before we post something new, we write it at home, sit with it for a day, then review it and post it.  Keeping all posts to 500 words or less.  Remember, this is an experiment in consciousness, a high vibrational space of expansion.

Public Tier: This forum will be seen publicly, but will be accessible for posts by the co-creators and also anyone else who is interested in the experiment and also wants to take part, but found out about it too late, or cannot see themselves doing the one hour exercise every single day for 21 days.  Also for those who have the intent, and want to do it, but don’t want to record their personal results.

This second forum is open to all who want to participate. It will be the location where co-creator and observers, and partial participants will be able to discuss things in depth and in great detail.    This forum is SOLELY for the purpose of taking part in, sharing, spending time with the experiment, and the co-creators, at a more social level or casual level.

Observer Tier: This is the rest of humanity and any other species that want to observe our experiment. They will be able to have full reading rights to the Public Tier forum, but they will not be able to post unless they register.

Expected results:


Possible results:

Theoretically speaking, if more than one person gets together with a common intent, that intent can have far reaching effects both for the people involved as well as the entire human collective.  Following this theory, the possible results are life changes in the individuals involved, as well as some effects in the collective

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