12 symptomen van transformatie


This year, exactly on January 1, the door opened to new energy. Energy that will awake everything that was asleep, sweet and deep. People will feel uncomfortable with it at first, as a matter of fact only those who never looked deep inside and those who always want to continue the same old story over and over again. The alarm clock went off and now you stand there, dazzled, with strange feelings and pains or even illness.

The following 12 symptoms are signs of transformation.

1. Pain in your body

especially in your neck, shoulders and spine. This happens due to the change in DNA.

2. Feeling of despair without knowing why a reason. You will be freed from your past (this life or a former life) and the experiences will shortly come again to be felt and than vanish.

3. You have to cry without reason

Let it happen, it is healthy and old energy is leaving the energy body.

4. Sudden changes in career

This is the most heavy symptom for most of us because this is a mayor change you cannot run from. As you change so will your environment. Therefore the old job does not suite you anymore. Your soul assignment will become clear and attract the circumstances necessary.

5. Family relationships are ended

The family you where born in will go away when the karma you had is worked out and they are no longer necessary. Maybe they die or you walk away to live on far distance. Also marriage can come to an end when the lessons of this relationship are learned or you both walk different paths. It is possible you find your soul family you always come back with to do the job.

6. rare sleeping times

It is possible you wake up in the night, mostly between 2:00 and 4:00 'o clock. The kidneys are at work now to clean the body. Don't force yourself to go to sleep if impossible.

7. Intense dreams

For example dreaming about war, fighting, being chased around and monsters. During those dreams you are freed from old energy. If you can remember something write it down and have a close look what it is telling you and where you are feeling it in your body.

8. disorientation in the body

You feel not really with both feet on the ground, a feeling of walking between two worlds. While going through the energetic transformation the body needs more time to adapt also. Be in nature as often as possible to ground the new you.

9. Talking to your self

You are not getting crazy, you talk to your soul more and more, a good talk to one's Self. Fruitful conversation if you pay attention to what you are saying. Hidden messages are enclosed.

10. Feeling lonely

You feel a stranger and alone even when you are with other people. You want to stay out of the mass and crowded people. Adapt to that and don't force yourself to go after all.

11. No passion

No energy to do something, no guts to go somewhere. It's okay and part of the process and you learn to 'do nothing'.

12. Longing for home

This is a heavy symptom, the most heavy symptom of all. It is like the wish to kill yourself to be at home, leave the planet and this life, to be in 'heaven' again. Take this serious, it is no drama, you really feel the longing of your soul to go home. The karma is worked out and the soul contracts are also delivered finally. What to do? Than you will understand that there is a new start coming and that you now can fulfill the purpose of your soul while you are all cleaned out and able to do so.

During this transformation process it is necessary to drink 2 liters of well water minimal, take a bath daily or shower as often as possible. Before going to sleep drink warm herbal thee. No coffee, no other tea than herbal tea, no alcohol, you cannot stand it anymore and will be drunk after 1 glass. Take a daily walk, do meditation, ask for help if necessary. Maybe a spiritual teacher will help but watch out to find the right one for you.

The following I received from Joos Bouwmeester and happy about that: On March 11th, and we just entered the Throat Chakra of the Maya Yucatec Calendar. At this point in the cycle it is historically the most potent and powerful days for transformation and awakening. During the last seven days, we have been traveling in this powerful Kundalini energy, which we also call the core days. There are 20 days in a core cycle. The 20 days are broken down into five cycles of four days each. The first four days are considered the Crown Chakra, and runs from March 5th to March 8th. The second cycle is the Throat Chakra, and runs from March 9th to March 12th. The third cycle is the Heart Chakra, and runs from the March 13th two March 16th. From this point on, things can get pretty interesting energetically. From March 17th to March 20th (the equinox), we are in the Solar Plexus Cycle. These days will be the last purge of what is out of alignment with cosmic truth.fromwww.Alunajoy.comI had a healing journey on saturday involving all the above mentioned chakra's and a deep healing took place. I stil experience pain because of the ongoing shift. After receiving the mayan text some pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the pain in the neck is over...my brain finally understood and let go, now I am in the throat..I work on this rebirth in the cycle since January 1st 2009. Saturday was my second inner journey. I am looking forward to the things yet to come.This is a really blessful time and I enjoy the ride with love, grace and gratitude that my spirit was alowed to be here when this huge transformational shift take place.

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