Me and my phone

Me and my phone
Once upon a time, there was a society that was ensnared in the digital world. People had more access to technology and social media than ever before, and they were overwhelmed by a constant stream of information and distraction.
They had forgotten what it was like to live in the moment and enjoy the things around them. Instead, they scrolled through their phones during meetings, meals, and even while sleeping. They were fixated on getting likes, comments, and followers on their social media.
It was as if they were drowning in this digital world, lost in the constant search for validation and attention. They preferred virtual connections over real human interactions and lost their ability to have meaningful conversations and feel empathy for others.
But fortunately, there were also people who became aware of this attention crisis and decided to make changes. They decided to be more mindful with technology and social media, and to spend more time with family and friends and appreciate nature.
They remembered what it was like to be present in the moment and enjoy the little things in life. And so they brought an end to the attention crisis and found balance in the digital age.
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