February 21

Met welke talenten wil je anderen van dienst zijn?

Energy Medicine for individuals, couples and families

Crystal Bed Light Therapy

Holistic EFT

Group Rebalancing sessions with the Crystal Bed

Wat is je website?

extra website

Wat betekent spiritualiteit voor jou?

understanding the balance in all aspects of life

Hoe is dat inzicht gegroeid en wie/wat speelde daarbij een bijzondere rol?

When I was ready to learn or master a certain area of interest in work or personally, a teacher showed up. I have always been a student. Now at 54 years old, I am starting to take a teaching role to share what I have learned with others.

Wat doe je met spiritualiteit in je werk?

I have a co-working situation where I take counsel with spirit doctors or specialist (whom are no longer in a physical body) to work through me with clients helping them create balance in their body systems.

Mijn advies/quote aan anderen:

Just listen. There are many angels wanting to work through us to help others who may be challenged during these time.

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Oct 13
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Ik wil a.u.b. aanmelden voor de 17 feb. workshop.
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