May 3

Met welke talenten wil je anderen van dienst zijn?

There are no more experts , teachers or gurus. In new energy there are “facilitators.”

It means to restore or bring-back … with ease.

A facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, and also that you may not have easy access to them.

My job is to empower you to by questions;)

You know 

Wat is je website?

Wat betekent spiritualiteit voor jou?

The way back home.

Hoe is dat inzicht gegroeid en wie/wat speelde daarbij een bijzondere rol?

From the early age.. always feel weird and tried to pretend that im someine else when i was with other people...always watching how they speak, how they move,react...and never understand them. But now I know;)

Wat doe je met spiritualiteit in je werk?

Healing, acccessbars, massage, sacred tantric, spiritual healing,women healing,facilitating

Mijn advies/quote aan anderen:

There is nothing normal about you, and thats your greatest gift