Dordrecht, Zuid Holland


July 29

Met welke talenten wil je anderen van dienst zijn?

Angelic Life Coach (online chat as well in person). Angelic Card Readings (online chat as well telp. readings), Foto Readings as well Medium Readings. Angelic Consult (telp. as well in person). Angelic Healing (telp. or in person). Angelic Workshops (can be also organized on different locations in EUROPE (different Country as well; Austria, Switzerland ; Basel, Germany, Slovenia; Ljubljana, Greece; Athens & Kefalonia) for groups. EVENTS & Week Away Retreat.

Wat is je website?

Wat betekent spiritualiteit voor jou?


Hoe is dat inzicht gegroeid en wie/wat speelde daarbij een bijzondere rol?

WAKE UP Call ;) The ANGEL VOICES getting louder. I'm Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience & Clearaudience since my childhood. I AM Grateful for everything in my life. I am supported by many LIGHT-WORKERS, Divine Guidance, Guides and ANGEL VOICES.

Wat doe je met spiritualiteit in je werk?

Angelic Life coach, Angelic Consult, Angelic Readings, Medium Readings, Angelic Workshops, Angelic Party, Angelic EVENTS, Empowerment, Week Away Retreat. I travel EUROPE for Groups upon request. For more information please feel free to mail me;

Mijn advies/quote aan anderen:

Let every thought, word and action be directed towards your desired outcome :)

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Apr 29
Diana ANGEL VOICES left a comment for Nicole
"Hello beautiful ..., GREAT to see you here. I PLACED BLESSING, ABUNDANCE and GREAT HEALTH your way IN ALL ASPECT. I MISS You Nicole :) Time flies. HAVE A PEACEFUL and HARMONIOUS December. ALL the LOVE and LIGHT, Diana"
Dec 4, 2010
Diana ANGEL VOICES left a comment on Reisorganisators
"Glad to be here, I feel home hahaaa ... :) Hello everyone, I am a new member here & I AM OPEN for ALL GOOD and ALL LOVELY TRAVEL. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Aug 22, 2010
Diana ANGEL VOICES replied to Manon Tromp's discussion Zakelijk partner gezocht in Mededelingen van leden
"Hi Manon,

Interesting Topic ;) I AM OPEN for ALL GOOD. I am International Angelic staff member & Certified for everything I do, and travel a lot, yet I AM the Creator of my own time. I am BLESSED with many idea, it caused my web-designer head-ache…"
Aug 22, 2010
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"Beloved everyone, nice to be here. I AM OPEN for ALL Good & Grateful to be Guided to this site. I am new here & looking forward to connecting with you. And I wish to thank this ning creator: Theo Buijsrogge & anyone involved :)

Blissful Blessing…"
Aug 22, 2010
Diana ANGEL VOICES left a comment for Samantha
"Thanks for the invitation. Great kernachtige zin (Y) "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"

Free Event is only in near Utrecht coming up friday, Aug. 27th 2010.

Workshops in Dordrecht, The Netherlands; sunday, Aug. 29th, saturday, Sept. 4th, sunday, Sept. 5th…"
Aug 22, 2010
Diana ANGEL VOICES left a comment for Guido van de Wiel
"Indeed, I can see my mirror in you :) Blissful Blessing."
Aug 22, 2010